Field installation

To build the connection between two conductors of HV or EHV cables to be connected in the field is a quite difficult and very time-consuming process. Most often the process requires highly skilled and certified technicians to carry out such work. Many methods are based on cleaning the conductor ends for all kinds of non-conductive materials. And the more advanced, sophisticated, and large the cable design is – the more difficult the conventional methods for making conductor connections become.


ReliBond’s solution needs no prior cleaning. The key is to build a low loss conductive coating on each end facet of the two conductors. The process is quick, taking no longer than an hour. Click here for a video showing the coating process and here for a comparison between between the traditional and ReliBond’s method. 


When connecting two such end facets, you can either develop and build your own connection solution or you can make use of ConnecTeur, a proven connection solution developed and tested by ReliBond.

Ready to improve your connection?

If you have issues or challenges, or just have needs for making improvements in building connections to HV Cables, then ReliBond most likely is able to help you with a good solution