The company

ReliBond is an innovative Company devoted to the mission of building a green and environmentally friendly world. Electricity is a renewable energy source and the primary energy medium in such a green world. ReliBond is offering a patended technology that make it much easier to handle, install, and secure the quality of high and extra-high voltage cable systems – the backbone of the electricity network in this green world.

ReliBond is a Danish company, located on the Zealand island, nearby Copenhagen. ReliBond has local representation in Japan, China, and South Korea. The rest of the world is handled directly from ReliBond’s Danish office.



Built own connector test facilities for 5,000 Amp thermal cycling and for tensile strength testing. Moved to a new location with own offices, and production and test laboratories. Shipped two Terminator units to Japan.



2nd investment round. Yamanaka Eng. Co., Japan joined as a new investor. The first shipment of Terminator unit to cable plant in Germany. Received first orders for our machine, named Terminator.


1st investment round with 4 new investors, all Danish. Martin Sander Nielsen left the company. First demonstration of our prototype at Jicable19 in Paris and later at cable plants.



First prototype of workable Manipulator unit being developed.


ReliBond’s process demonstrated in a proof-of-concept setup for potential partners. Second patent application filed. ReliBond decided to focus and base its solution on a cold gas spraying technique implemented in an automated 3D-printing system. Soren Isaksen joined ReliBond and made a first investment in the company.



First patent application filed. Exploring different technologies for solving the identified cable handling issue.



Registration of company by the two founders Christian Michelsen and Martin Sander Nielsen with the aim to develop a simple and reliable solution for making it easy to electrically connect to Milliken type of Cables.


Our Team

Christian Michelsen

Founder and CTO

Soren Isaksen

CEO and Sales Manager

Kristian Emborg

Chairman of the Board

Jens Grønbæk

Member of the Board

Jacob Jensen

Member of the Board

Niels Thomasen

Manufacturing Technician

mail: mobile: +45 2971 4411

Mikkel Lynggaard Bank

R&D Engineer & Media Producer

mail: mobile: +45 5048 7013

Jan-Henrik Kuhlefelt

Head of ReliBond China

mail: mobile: +86 136 0100 6743

Alexander Thastum

Technical Designer

Niels Thomasen

Manufacturing & Service Technician

Jesper Christensen

Facility Manager


Investors and board

The group of investors in ReliBond includes a number of personal Danish investors and the company Yamanaka Eng. (Japan), who is also ReliBond’s distributor on the Japanese market. The group of investors represents a broad range of skills, like technical, managerial, strategic and legal competencies, all of relevance for ReliBond.

Board of Management consists of two members from the investor group, Jens Grønbæk (Chairman) and Kristian Emborg and the two operational directors and main shareholders, Christian Michelsen and Søren Isaksen.

Our Mission and Values

WHY we are here

In the perfect world we have mastered the full potential of renewable energy and we have built a sustainable society. In ReliBond this perfect world is not just an imagination.
We are actively pursuing it.

HOW we want to ACT and to be PERCEIVED by our friends and colleagues throughout the world: