Consumables and Spare Parts

Powder Cartridges

ReliBond will supply Powder Cartridges for use when operating Terminator. Powder Cartridges for the different cables type and cable sizes are available. 

Conductor Clamps

ReliBond can supply Conductor Clamps that span over the different conductor sizes of relevance for use with Terminator

Nozzles for Spray Gun

Nozzles are ceramic, so normally they will last for a very long time. But they are also brittle, so there is a risk of damaging the nozzle if spray-gun is de-mounted from Manipulator Unit

Conductor Seals

ReliBond will supply Conductor Seals that span over the different conductor sizes of relevance for use with Terminator. The Conductor Seals ensures that powder spraying process takes place in an enclosed environment. Seals can be re-used for several treatments, typically 10 or more

Manipulator Seal

The manipulator seal insures that powder is contained within the treatment chamber. It should last for a long time, but if it is damaged, ReliBond will supply new ones.

Filter Bags

Terminator will give a warning when filter bag of Standard Suction system  needs to be changed

Heating Element for Spray Gun

ReliBond recommends having a Heating element spare part in case the spray guns heating element breaks down (rare, if ever). Defect Heating element can be re-placed with assistance from ReliBond using support

Ready to improve your connection?

If you have issues or challenges, or just have needs for making improvements in building connections to HV Cables, then ReliBond most likely is able to help you with a good solution