With a Terminator you get access to a solution, ReliBonding, that makes it much faster, and much easier to make good, and reproducible electrical and mechanical connections to the end facets of conductors of HV and EHV Cables. The ReliBonding process includes spraying of specially designed powder compositions.

Using the Terminator, you can easily – by ReliBonding – make reliable resistance measurement of such conductors or cables in your factories or laboratories. See how it works.

ReliBonding, using the Terminator, also enables high-quality and easy solutions for connecting cable conductors in field joints, and for making terminations of cable conductors at substations.

Below is shown how simple it works. In total it takes half an hour or so, depending on conductor size 

The TMTU solution consists of the TMTU Station, powder cartridges and other consumables and spare parts for TMTU Station

Demonstration of the Process

Termination of HV conductors is a fairly simple process with our Terminator and can be mastered within one week of training. In the video you can watch a quick rundown of the whole process.

For a narrated and thorough walkthrough, follow this link.

The package

ReliBond Terminator

The ReliBond Terminator consists of a Base Station and number of Options that can be added to the Base Station to make it even more simple and easy to use

Consumables and Spare Parts

ReliBond supplies powder cartridges of different amount and powder compositions for the cold spraying process. Also, other consumables and spare parts for the Terminator are offered.

Ready to improve your connection?

If you have issues or challenges, or just have needs for making improvements in building connections to HV Cables, then ReliBond most likely is able to help you with a good solution