Termination of HV Cable Systems​

To build the connection between the conductor of an HV or EHV cable system to the termination at a Substation is a quite difficult and very time-consuming process. Most often the process requires highly skilled and certified technicians to carry out such work. Many methods are based on cleaning the conductor ends for all kinds of non-conductive materials. And the more advanced, sophisticated, and large the cable design is – the more difficult the conventional methods for making the conductor connections become.


ReliBond’s solution needs no prior cleaning. The key of ReliBonding is to build a low loss conducting point on the conductor to be connected to the termination. All that you do for building the contacting point can be seen here VIDEO.

Using this point of contact you can either develop your own termination solution based on ReliBond’s conductor end preparation technique or you can consult ReliBond for assistance in developing a good solution for your specific case.