With a Terminator you can produce contact elements at the conductor end facets in a fast, reproducible, and safe way. These contact elements form ideal building blocks as part of connector systems that connect conductors of HV and EHV cables in field joints.

ReliBond has designed and tested a connector systems, ConnecTeur, for different kinds of conventional designs of HV and EHV cables. You are also welcomed to design your own connector solution using end facets made by ReliBonding.

A Smarter Way

The electrical connection is made directly between the two treated end facets.  This way the current path is made as short as possible, minimizing heat generation and space requirements.


The ConnecTeur draws inspiration from the classic and reliable share bolt connector, but has its differences.


It has built-in flexibility via its 4 ring design, in addition to equally distributed spring washers, that adjust to variable load scenarios.

Safe Design

Should an electrical overload occur, the aluminum body and brass bolts will allow for current to pass through the connector itself, insuring that the direct connection will not experience overcurrent.

Mechanical Strength

The combination of brass and steel bolts insure great mechanical strength, all while optimizing heat dissipation.

Ready to improve your connection?

If you have issues or challenges, or just have needs for making improvements in building connections to HV Cables, then ReliBond most likely is able to help you with a good solution